About semanticsarchive.net

Purpose: This archive is intended to make it easier to find and distribute papers of interest to natural language semanticists.

Support: Thanks to the Academic Senate of the University of California, San Diego for funding creation of the archive. Thanks to NYU for hosting the archive from 1006 through 2018. Thanks to the LSA for taking over the archive in 2018.

People: The people behind the archive during its first 17 years are Chris Barker and Peter Lasersohn.

Scope: We'll delete submissions that are wildly inappropriate (quantitative studies of the mating habits of Alaskan shrews, for instance), but we prefer to err on the side of inclusiveness. If you think a semanticist might be interested, the paper is probably suitable.

Format: Submit in whatever format you think your readers will find most convenient. We strongly recommend PDF (Adobe's Portable Document Format) as the most foolproof format available on the widest range of computers. If you want to cover your bets, submit versions of the paper in as many formats as you care to.

Publication Status and Citations: Archiving a paper is not considered a form of publication, but instead is analogous to circulating a manuscript, preprint, or offprint. Therefore it is not appropriate to cite a paper as appearing on the semantics archive. Copyright of archived papers remains with the existing owner. Before archiving a paper, you must certify that doing so does not infringe any copyright.

Contacting authors: We encourage authors to incorporate contact information (email addresses, web page addresses, etc.) in the papers themselves, e.g., on the first or last page. Authors may also post their contact information in a separate short file. We recommend an html file with a pointer to the author's web page, if any.

Viruses: Microsoft Word documents and some other formats are susceptible to viruses and worms. We do not scan files for viruses, so please rely on your own judgment before opening a file you find on these archives. If you find an infected file, please let us know.

Interface: We have tried to make the interface as simple and easy to use as absolutely possible. This means fewer fancy options, though if enough people ask for something, we'll see what we can do about it.

Passwords: Password assignment and the related capacity for users to modify their submissions on their own are temprarily disabled. For more, see updated Instructions