Gutzmann, Daniel & Jan Köpping & Cécile Meier. 2014. Composition, values, and interpretation. An Introduction to elements of semantic theory. In: Gutzmann, Daniel & Jan Köpping & Cécile Meier (eds). Approaches to Meaning. Composition, Values, and Interpretation. Current Research in the Semantics Pragmatics-Interface (CRiSPI) 32. Leiden: Brill. 1–21.


This is our introductory chapter for the Festschrift for Ede Zimmermann, in which we illustrate the core issue of semantic theory with reference to Ede's work. From the introduction:

A semantic theory always stands in relation to other disciplines of linguistic theorizing. For example, it operates on syntactic inputs and it feeds pragmatic processes. This introductory text looks a bit more closely at these relationships and sketches an account of how one should think about the interrelatedness of semantic theory with other disciplines of linguistics, as well as with related domains of investigation like ontology, epistemology and logic. Thereby, it sets the frame for the contributions collected in this volume, which can be under- stood as partaking in the general enterprise of getting the balance between all these fields and semantics right.

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