Brasoveanu, Adrian 2008. Sentence-Internal Readings of Same / Different as Quantifier-Internal Anaphora,

to appear in the Proceedings of the 27th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics.

The paper proposes the first unified account of deictic and sentence-internal readings of same /
different (a cross-linguistic survey provides motivation for such an account). The main proposal is
that distributive quantification temporarily makes available two discourse referents within its nuclear
scope, the values of which are required by sentence-internal uses of same / different to be identical
/ distinct – much as their deictic uses require the values of two discourse referents to be identical
/ distinct. The analysis is executed in a stack-based dynamic system and it is fully compositional
because the system is couched in classical type logic. The formal account is independently motivated
by quantificational subordination, the availability of both dependent and independent readings for
anaphora in the scope of each and, finally, dependent indefinites in various languages. All these
phenomena provide support for the idea that natural language quantification is a composite notion, to
be decomposed / analyzed in terms of discourse reference to dependencies that is multiply constrained
by the various components that make up a quantifier.

This paper focuses on the empirical aspects of the problem. The complete formal account is provided in

Deictic and Sentence-Internal Readings of Same / Different as Anaphora: A Unified Compositional Account,
to appear in the Proceedings of What Syntax Feeds Semantics? (ESSLLI 2008 Workshop)