diagnosing modality
in predictive expressions
Klecha, Peter. 2014. Diagnosing modality in predictive expressions. Journal of Semantics 31(3), 443-455. doi: 10.1093/jos/fft011 (The pdf below is a pre-publication draft.)

Keywords. modality, tense, future, conditionals, predicates of personal taste

Abstract. This short paper argues that predictive expressions (will, gonna) are modals. In section 1 I provide three empirical arguments for a treatment of predictive expressions as modals: i) they behave like modals in that they can occur in overt and covert conditionals in a way that non-modal operators cannot; ii) they have morphological variants which show displacement behaviors, i.e., nonveridicality; iii) like modals, they obviate the personal experience requirement on predicates of personal taste. In section 2 I specifically rebut arguments by Kissine (2008) that will is not a modal. In section 3 I conclude.