Schlenker, Philippe. 2007. "Expressive Presuppositions"  (5-page note on Potts's 'Expressive Dimension', for Theoretical Linguistics).

[Full paper in pdf]  

Abstract: Potts (2005, 2007) has argued that expressives such as honky must be analyzed using an entirely new dimension of meaning. We explore a more  conservative theory in which expressives are presuppositional expressions [Macià 2002] that are indexical and attitudinal (and sometimes shiftable): they predicate something of the mental state of the agent of the context (and this need not always be the agent of the actual context).  Following Stalnaker's recent work on informative presuppositions (2002), we argue that the presuppositions triggered by expressives are automatically satisfied (= 'self-fulfilling'), hence the impression that they are not standard presupposition triggers.