Control and semantic resource sensitivity

Ash Asudeh
Carleton University

This article has now been published as follows:
  author =	{Ash Asudeh},
  title =	{Control and Semantic Resource Sensitivity},
  journal =	{Journal of Linguistics},
  volume =	41,
  number =	3,
  year =	2005,
  pages =	{465--511}

If you cannot access the published version, please contact me for a copy.


This paper examines tensions between the syntax of control and semantic resource sensitivity. Structure sharing of controller and control target leads to apparent resource deficit under certain circumstances. An analysis is presented using Glue Semantics for Lexical Functional Grammar. It demonstrates that structure sharing and resource sensitivity can be reconciled without giving up or relaxing either notion. It is shown that the analysis can handle either property or propositional denotations for controlled complements. The analysis is extended to finite controlled complements, which raise the opposing problem of resource surplus. A solution is proposed and its typological implications discussed. The syntax and semantics of control as structure sharing is compared to a recent anaphoric control analysis by Dalrymple (2001). Based on facts of exhaustive and partial control, the present analysis is argued to be superior.