Human beings are superior to the reason lies in its ability to think. However, many people often do not know how to think rightly.

We should give full play to people's thinking skills, we must master the correct method of thinking. No matter how high a person's IQ, if there is no way of thinking to learn armed, he is not truly have a first-rate mind.

We advocate that "all people should learning the method of thinking", development and universal way of thinking is our ultimate goal.
With regard to "Thinker Space"

This will be the creation of 何欽斌 and 張海澎, the aim is to gather a group of like-minded colleagues, and common development, promotion and universal way of thinking. Current President: 何欽斌; the main contributor: 張海澎, 周家發 (Kafat), 陳力 (Nick).

Our future work directions:

     * In the article published online thinking side, through the Internet to promote the method of thinking
     * To prepare teaching materials for method of thinking
     * With the relevant cultural groups to organize a series of public lectures
     * Promote the thinking for the secondary school, our main target is the middle school students