Ron Artstein.
Quantificational arguments in temporal adjunct clauses.
Linguistics and Philosophy 28(5): 541–597, 2005.

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Abstract: Quantificational arguments can take scope outside of temporal adjunct clauses, in an apparent violation of locality restrictions: the sentence few secretaries cried after each executive resigned allows the quantificational NP each executive to take scope above few secretaries. I show how this scope relation is the result of local operations: the adjunct clause is a temporal generalized quantifier which takes scope over the main clause (Pratt and Francez 2001), and within the adjunct clause, the quantificational argument takes scope above the implicit determiner which forms the temporal generalized quantifier. The paper explores various relations among quantificational arguments across clause boundaries, including temporal clauses that are modified internally by a temporal adverbial and temporal clauses with embedded sentential complements.

As of January 2006, my original draft of July 2003 is still available on the website of Arnim von Stechow together with his L&P review.