Brasoveanu, Adrian & Donka F. Farkas 2008. Exceptional Scope as Discourse Reference to Quantificational Dependencies
to appear in the Proceedings of the 7th International Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation (Tbilisi, 2007).

The paper proposes a novel solution to the problem of exceptional scope (ES) of (in)definites, exemplified by the widest and intermediate scope readings of the sentence Every student of mine read every poem that a famous Romanian poet wrote. We propose that there are two sources for ES readings: (i) discourse anaphora to particular sets of entities and quantificational dependencies between these entities that restrict the domain of quantification of the two universal determiners and the indefinite article; (ii) non-local introduction of the discourse referent that restricts the quantificational domain of the indefinite article. Our account, formulated within a compositional dynamic system couched in classical type logic, relies on two independently motivated assumptions: (a) the discourse context stores not only (sets of) individuals, but also quantificational dependencies between them, and (b) quantifier domains are always contextually restricted. Under this analysis, (in)definites are unambiguous and there is no need for special choice-functional variables to derive exceptional scope readings.