Direct Compositionality, edited by Chris Barker and Pauline Jacobson, is now available. Here is the page at Oxford University Press, and here is the page at Amazon. And here is the introductory chapter, including a general discussion of direct compositionality and descriptions of the contributions.
1. Barker & Jacobson  Introduction: Direct Compositionality

           Part I: Some Programmatic Issues

2. Dowty              Compositionality as an Empirical Problem
3. Barker             Direct Compositionality on Demand
4. Shan               Linguistic Side Effects
5. Winter             Type Shifting with Semantic Features: a Unified Perspective

           Part II: Case Studies

6. Jacobson           Direct Compositionality and Variable Free Semantics: the Case of "Principle B" Effects
7. Caponigro & Heller The Non Concealed Nature of Free Relatives: Implications for Connectivity in Specificational Sentences 
8. Romero             Connectivity in a Unified Analysis of Specificational Subjects and Concealed Questions
9. Bhatt & Pancheva   Degree Quantifiers, Position of Merger Effects with their Restrictors, and Conservativity
10. Sharvit           Two Reconstruction Puzzles

           Part III: New Horizons

11. Bittner           Online Update: Temporal, Modal, and de se Anaphora in Polysynthetic Discourse
12. Potts             The Dimensions of Quotation